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A Handpicked Selection Of This Weeks In-Stock

Copy of IN STOCK THIS WEEK commencing Monday 3rd May 2021

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CommuterAdventureSnicket folding bike€499.00OneWhite Stock
CyclocrossTrekCrockett 5 Disc€2,299.0056cmNautical Navy/Teal Stock
eBikeElectraVale Go eBike€3,050.00MediumWhite Stock
eBikeTrekDistrict+ 6€3,299.00Small, LargeBlack, Blue Stock
eBikeTrekVerve+ 3€3,199.00LargeBlack Stock
eBikeTrekVerve+ 3 Lowstep€3,199.00Large/medium/SmallBlack Stock
eBike RoadTrekDomane+ LT€5,499.0054cm, 56cm & 58cmEnquire Stock
Gravel / AdventureTrekCheckpoint ALR 4€2,149.0052cmRed Stock
Gravel / AdventureTrekCheckpoint ALR 5€2,449.0058cmBlack Stock
Hybrid / CommuterTrekDistrict 1 Equipped€959.00LargeBlack Stock
Hybrid / CommuterTrekDistrict 1 Equipped Lowstep€959.00MediumBlack Stock
Hybrid / CommuterTrekDistrict 2 Equipped€1,069.00LargeLithum Grey Stock
Mountain BikeTrekFarley 5€1,999.00LargeBlue Stock
Mountain BikeTrekSupercaliber 9.8 XT€5,500.00M/LRed Stock
Mountain BikeTrekTop Fuel 9.9€6,500.00LargeTeal/Black>/a>In Stock
RoadTrekDomane AL 2 Disc€959.0049cm & 52cmBlack, Purple Stock
RoadTrekDomane AL 2 Rim€769.0056cmBlue, Black Stock
RoadTrekDomane AL 4 Disc€1,699.0052cm, 58cmWhite/Black Stock
RoadTrekDomane AL 5 Disc€1,999.0054cm 56cm & 58cmGold, Grey Stock
RoadTrekDomane SL 4 Disc€2,649.0054cm, 56cmBlack, Grey Stock
RoadTrekDomane SL 5 Disc€3,199.0052cmWhite Stock
RoadTrekEmonda ALR 4 Disc€1,849.0052cm, 54cm, 56cm & 58cmGrey, Red/Orange Fade Stock
RoadTrekEmonda ALR 5 Disc€2,249.0052cm, 54cm, 56cm & 58cmPurple, Black/Grey Fade Stock
RoadTrekEmonda ALR 6 Disc€2,749.0052cm, 54,cm & 58cmRed Fade Stock
RoadTrekEmonda SL 5€2799.0052cm, 54cm, 56cm & 58cmCarbon Blue Smoke Stock
RoadTrekEmonda SL 6€3699.0054cm, 58 cmRed Black Stock
Time TrialTrekSpeed Concept€4,999.00All availableBlack Stock
TouringSurlyTrucker Disc€1,999.0054cmBlue Stock
YouthFrog40€385 - €410Age 2-4Yellow, Pink Stock
YouthFrog44€400 - €425Age 3-5Orange, Yellow, Stock
YouthFrog52€460.00Age 5-6Purple Stock
YouthFrog55€470.00Age 6-7Purple Stock
YouthFrog73€500 - €530Age 12-14Red, Green
YouthFrog78€510 - €540Age 13+Green, Red Stock
YouthFrogRoad 58€615.00Age 6-7White, USA Stock
YouthFrogTadpole€260.00Age 2-4USA Stock
YouthTrekRoscoe 24€599.00Age 7-12Black Stock
YouthTrekWahoo 26€589.00Age 8-12Red, Orange Stock
YouthTrekWahoo 20€469.00Age 6-8Various Stock