Bollé Trackdown MTB Helmet
Bolle Trackdown MTB helmet

Bollé Trackdown MTB Helmet


The Bolle Trackdown MTB Helmet is a completely new Mountain bike helmet from Bolle. It has a unique set of features. A 360 degree retention system for stability and full adjustability. AViD progressive EPS to combine channels for superior ventilation with progressive shock absorption. A sunglasses garage to hold your sunglasses in place. Also a 3-position visor allowing space for goggles. The helmet also comes with an innovative Winter Kit containing vent caps and winter lining.

Trackdown Technologies:

Vent Caps: Plug them in and stay dry! The vent caps efficiently block off wind and rain for the wettest outings.

All Seasons: Bolle helmets are equipped with 2 linings. Firstly, one for summer and high temperatures and secondly for the cold in winter. The winter lining replaces the summer lining and is directly velcroed onto the helmet. The helmet straps then slide through loops sewn into the winter lining. Gone are the days of slippery bonnets and exposed ears after just a few kilometres! These 2 linings allow you to ride under perfect conditions all year round.

AVid Progressive EPS: Creating helmets that perform in all types of impacts requires getting the details exactly right. Using high density EPS ensures high energy impacts are effectively absorbed. However, low density EPS provides superior performance in less severe impacts. Bolle helmets with the AViD liner technology use a combination of different EPS densities. Alongside optimisation of the ventilation channels to virtually decrease the density in the top area. The result is a lighter, more ventilated helmet with progressive shock absorption that will absorb a wider range of impacts.

Sunglasses Garage: The Trackdown Helmet has a specific compartment designed to hold a pair of sunglasses.

Click-to-Fit System: The Click-to-Fit system allows precise adjustment. You will be able to adjust helmet pressure to your head for perfect stability while on the move.

Removable and Washable Linings: The inner liner is removable and hand washable.